January 22, 2016

Friday I'm in Love

Look who lost his first tooth! Shortly before his 7th birthday. That tooth started wiggling back in October, no joke! He lost it eating a sandwich in Austria this past weekend, and didn't want to eat anymore for fear of losing another tooth. Even cuter, he didn't want to put the tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy. He wants to keep it forever instead. I'll have to do a post on our trip later this weekend when I have a chance to upload all the photos from Frank's phone. It was too cold and snowy to attempt using my Canon. We had a great time though skiing, sledding, climbing, and swimming.

This weekend we'll probably spend a lot of time cleaning up the house and putting away heaping piles of laundry. Plus some climbing and snuggling on the couch with a movie is in order. How about you all?

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December 4, 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Yes! It is Friday! What is everyone up to this weekend? We're planning on going to our local Christmas Market, climbing of course, and visiting old friends of ours. Plus, we have to squeeze in cleaning the house, groceries, some Christmas shopping and the vet. I do love the Christmas markets in Germany. Hoping to go to a few this month in our area.

Cooper and Lily have been making some Christmas cards with me and I just love Cooper's trees. So cute. Huge trunks because the pine trees here in Germany are almost all trunk!

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December 2, 2015

Home Brewed Kombucha

Hello everyone. I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now we're so close to Christmas! I normally have grand plans and get in the craft mode this time of year, but this fall, I've been really into reading some good books at night versus crafting. That's not to say I haven't been doing fun art projects with the kids. Last night we hung about ten snowflakes they created on our windows. And, I've found a new hobby (as if I needed another). Making kombucha!

I ordered this kit on Amazon, and started out with a ctirus orange kombucha. I'm waiting on my second batch of cranberry kombucha to finish the ferminting process and made another two batches yesterday. I'm thinking these will make great gifts for Christmas. It is really easy to make, and the ferminting process only takes 7-10 days. Unfortunately, it is super hard to find kombucha over here where we live, and I love it, so this is a hobby that I will keep up. If you love it as well, and consider brewing your own, this blog post does a great job in explaining the process.

Have any of you tried kombucha? Love it or hate it? What flavors are your favorite? I'd love some ideas.

November 6, 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Hello friends! I'm still around, just never finding a way to get on and blog these days. What are your plans for the weekend? This weekend, we'll be going to the house of our friends for dinner one night (they just moved in this week), and hopefully climbing outside the whole day Sunday. Guess it all depends on the weather.

In other news, Cooper is about to lose his very first tooth. One on the bottom. I feel like I need to take a zillion photos this weekend before that tooth falls out! I never want to forget his adorable spacey toothed smile from this age. In this photo above I asked him to give me a big toothy grin. 

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October 16, 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Hey Friends! How was your week? Ours was a busy one, but a good one. This whole month has been flying by and I'm all full of randomness today.

1. My sister Missy fell from her horse a few weeks ago and BROKE her back in 4 places. I was so terrified when I heard the news I couldn't sleep a wink. She is okay and at home and can walk with a walker, but in a lot of pain. So thankful she is okay and can walk but so sorry that this happened to her!

2. Last weekend we visited Leipzig! They have such an awesome zoo, one of the best if not the best I've ever been to. Worth a trip to Leipzig just for the zoo, but the city is pretty nice too.

3. Last Friday, I went for a Volksmarch (German for people's march/walk) with Cooper and his school for 5km. We had an awesome time even with the rain. In the picture above you can see the kids in Cooper's class swarming under his umbrella for fun downtown.

4. Feeling like soups and chili and pumpkin pies for the weekend. The cold has come, and along with it, the damp foggy skies. I feel like wrapping up on the couch in blankets and watching a movie tonight.

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